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Career Tips

  • 4 Questions To Ask About Your Job Qualifications

    By The NonProfit Times — August 30, 2013

    Entry-level job seekers and recent college graduates are two groups that arguably have it the hardest in the job search. While an influx of youthful energy is something that nonprofits want, they also need qualified workers who will help the organization grow. If you are really going to impress hiring managers, you are going to have to show a lot more than a college degree on your resume.

  • The Job Interview Juggling Act

    By The NonProfit Times — August 23, 2013

    The most common issue that job seekers have in regards to job interviews is not getting any. The nature of the current job market is such that, while there are many jobs available, the competition is very high for those jobs. But what if you are one of the lucky ones that gets multiple interview requests in a short period of time? How do you find time to fit them all into your schedule?

  • 3 Reasons To Make A Job Portfolio

    By The NonProfit Times — August 20, 2013

    It used to be that the only thing you needed to show up with to a job interview was a copy of your resume. These days, it helps to go the extra mile and bring one extra item: A visual presentation of your previous work in the form of a job portfolio.

  • 6 Things You Should Tell Interviewers

    By The NonProfit Times — August 9, 2013

    As much as you might think otherwise, a job interview is not an interrogation; it’s a conversation. All good conversations involve anecdotes, so you should be prepared with an assortment of stories to tell the interviewer to prove that you are the right choice for the job.

  • 4 Questions To Ask Before Using A Recruiter

    By The NonProfit Times — August 6, 2013

    Having trouble finding the job of your dreams? One effective solution to make things easier is to seek out the services of a recruiter who specializes in the industry you are looking to join. While these individuals can be a great boost to your job search, there are some things you need to consider before making the call.

  • 4 Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

    By The NonProfit Times — July 30, 2013

    Some job seekers think that there is nothing more for them to do after they complete a job interview. They think all they have to do is sit back, relax, and wait to hear back from the employer. Little do they know, there is one more step to take that can determine whether or not they get the job: Saying “thank you.”

  • 4 Job Interview Problems And Solutions

    By The NonProfit Times — July 23, 2013

    Here’s a nightmare scenario: You’ve done countless hours of preparation for your job interview, to the point where you are very confident about your chances. So naturally, you forget all of your talking points when it comes time to talk to the hiring manager.

  • 3 Video Interview Tips

    By The NonProfit Times — July 19, 2013

    Every job seeker is aware of the two dominant forms of job interviews: The in-person and interview and the phone interview. While these two are the ones employers use most often, the video interview is beginning to gain traction, giving job hunters something else for which they need to prepare.

  • 10 Job Interview Dress Code Faux Pas

    By The NonProfit Times — July 16, 2013

    Did you know that showing up to a job interview with a questionable outfit can be enough to cost you the job? It doesn’t seem fair, but the truth of the matter is employers really do care that you show up to their office dressed appropriately.

  • 3 Ways To Maximize Your Job Search

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2013

    The key to a successful job search is maximizing the way you use your time. If you spend too much of your time focusing on one aspect of the search, you will find you have less time for other important tasks. That’s why you need to create a priority list to ensure that you are making the best use of your time each day.


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