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Jobs > Career Tips > The Job Interview Juggling Act

The Job Interview Juggling Act

August 23, 2013

The most common issue that job seekers have in regards to job interviews is not getting any. The nature of the current job market is such that, while there are many jobs available, the competition is very high for those jobs. But what if you are one of the lucky ones that gets multiple interview requests in a short period of time? How do you find time to fit them all into your schedule?

While having a lot of job interviews lined up leaves you in a great position, it can be easy to make careless mistakes with so much on your plate. You could forget to bring your resume or portfolio to one of your interviews or, even worse, schedule one interview around the same time as another one or, worst of all, call the interviewer by the name of the hiring manager at another organization with which you have an interview.

So how can you stay on track? Following these three tips is a good start:

  • Create a Plan: Map out how you are going to handle each interview. For instance, you can create separate talking points for each organization.
  • Stay Organized: Creating a spreadsheet that lists the different interview times and what materials you need for each one is a good way to avoid any mix-ups.
  • Concentrate: Having more than one interview on the horizon can make it hard to concentrate when you are in the middle of an actual job interview. Instead of fretting about what you are going to do to prepare for your next appointment, focus on the present so that the hiring manager gets the best impression of you. The best way to avoid these worries is to schedule your time wisely so you have enough time to prepare for each individual interview.


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