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Is Your Nonprofit Ready To Expand?

May 21, 2013

Is your new nonprofit ready to expand beyond its initial members and hire some employees? Before you start crafting your job ads and sending them out to the world, you should take some time to think about how badly the organization needs new blood.

New employees can make things a lot easier for a start-up nonprofit but, by the same token, the wrong employee can set you back. Not only will hiring the wrong person force you to spend more time replacing that individual, he can also drag your other employees down depending on how bad a fit he was. That’s why it’s important not to rush into a new hire without taking every precaution. Not entirely sure where you need to start? Answer these six questions before starting the hiring process:

  • Are you having trouble delegating your tasks? If you’ve reached the point where you are burdened by the increasing amount of work on your table, you will know that you will need to start hiring new workers.
  • Are you looking to fill a defined role? Instead of advertising for a vague role, take the time to come up with a job description that includes a job title and lays out the specific responsibilities of the position.
  • Can you fill your needs with an independent contractor or a part-time worker? Committing full-time to a new employee is a big responsibility so before you commit the necessary time and resources, make sure the job you need completed can’t be easily completed in a part-time capacity.
  • Can your network be of help in your employee search? Hiring someone that is specifically recommended by someone you know can help do away with some of the anxiety you might otherwise have with a new hire.
  • Will the employee fit with the organizational culture? The ideal employee is someone who not only has the skills for the job but also the temperament. You don’t want to hire someone who has a personality that does not mesh well with your existing partners.
  • Can you count on your new hire to stay long-term? Stay away from candidates who have a history of moving from job to job. You are going to want an employee who is eager to see and help your organization grow.


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