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Hiring And Managing College Graduates

April 29, 2013

With college graduation fast approaching, there will soon be an influx of new job seekers on the market. This means that your nonprofit will soon be getting a lot of inquiries from eager college graduates looking to join your organization. An influx of youth can be very helpful for a mission-based organization, but it’s important to explain a few things before pulling the trigger on a new hire.

  • Set Expectations: A job description can only tell a job seeker so much information so you should explain exactly what you expect of the candidate during the job interview. You should explain your management style, how much work they should expect to do, and the amount of hours the candidate should expect to work. Once they have this information they will be able to better gauge whether they are a fit for your organization.
  • Describe the Work Culture: College grads, especially those from large schools, are used to being around a lot of people and that might not be the case at your nonprofit its size. If you are not a large nonprofit, you should emphasize to the candidate that he will be working in a tight-knit group. You should also explain other details about the organizational culture, including dress attire, lunch break rules, etc.
  • Listen Up: Listen carefully to any concerns or questions the candidate has about the job and do your best to answer them. There’s no better way to alienate someone than by not making an effort to answer their questions honestly.

Once you have decided to hire a college graduate, you should make sure you are managing them correctly by following these two tips:

  • Make Connections: Introduce your new employee not only to everyone in the organization, but also to those individuals who work off-site. This is a great way to ease nerves and make the individual feel welcome, especially if there aren’t other young people working in the organization.
  • Say Thanks: You’d be surprised at what a simple “thank you” can do. When your college grad employee makes a good suggestion or point, make sure to acknowledge by thanking him for his contribution. This positive recognition will make him want to work even harder.


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