Building Your Career Brand

February 11, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

Can you build a brand as a job seeker? Branding normally is something reserved for organizations trying to get people to associate their name with a particular cause, but it’s not exclusive to that concept. According to Marshall Brown, a career coach and personal brand strategist, building a career brand is a step all job hunters should take if they are to be hired.

In his online presentation entitled “Building Your Brand,” Brown discusses how vital it is to have a personal brand when applying for jobs. Discussion topics he touched included the changing nature of how organizations operate and how you can successfully navigate within that environment; the secrets to an effective job transition are shared in addition to job transition killers; specific steps to help you build your personal brand and how to effectively network are also covered; and, an action plan to help you put your learning into action.

Keeping the overall theme of personal branding in mind, Brown offered the following tips for job seekers:

  • Your Value: What do you have to offer to the organization? You have to be able to market your value.
  • Your Brand: What types of skills do people think of when they hear your name?
  • Thought Out Approach: Manager your career and your job search as if it were a project.
  • Systematic Method: Everything you do in your job search should be logical and work towards your overall goals.
  • Time and Resources: Manage your time and resources wisely.

You can see a preview of Brown’s presentation below: