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Jobs > Hiring Tips & Strategies > 9 Hiring Tips For New Nonprofits

9 Hiring Tips For New Nonprofits

April 3, 2013

Hiring the right employee is important, but it’s even more critical for nonprofits that are new on the scene. The wrong hire at one of these organizations could lead to disaster.

The first thing you must do as hiring manager at a new nonprofit has to do is to ensure you are hiring an employee that has room to grow. As the organization grows over time, you will need employees who can do a variety of tasks, so picking candidates who have already reached their peak is not necessarily a great idea.

So before you look at the responses to your job opening ad, make sure you follow these nine hiring rules:

  • Hire for a specific role not because you are impressed by the candidate.
  • Be clear about what the applicant’s role at the organization. Include this information with the skills and experience for which you are looking.
  • Remember that you are being evaluated by the candidate. Make sure you give a reason why he should join your new organization rather than a more established nonprofit.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask another employee to sit in on the interview with you.
  • Be open about the current limitations of your organization, but also list the strengths and potential growth opportunities.
  • As a new nonprofit, you will need employees that possess initiative, self-discipline, cost consciousness, and resourcefulness. Prioritize these skills during your evaluation.
  • Don’t be defensive about your status as a new nonprofit. You don’t have to justify all your limitations by reminding the candidate that you are new to the scene.
  • Don’t limit the number of references you ask for to two.
  • Hiring the right employee takes time, so don’t be in a rush to make a decision.


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