7 Ways The Internet Can Boost Your Job Search

December 10, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Some job seekers look at the Internet as both a blessing and a curse. While having instant access to jobs through sites such as the NPT Jobs Career Center is helpful, it can also be a little overwhelming. Being bombarded by information can be an issue but, as Marshall Brown explained, the Internet on a whole can be a big boost for your job search when used correctly.

Brown, who is CEO of the career coaching company Marshall Brown and Associates, wrote on his site that the web is the ideal place to market yourself to potential employers. Within a matter of minutes, your resume and cover letter can be seen by thousands of hiring organizations and recruiters, something that seemed unfathomable to those who looked for work in the days before computers.

Yet that ease of distribution is the reason you have to take extra precautions. To conduct an online targeted marketing campaign, you need to have some selectivity over who reads your resume and a way to reach those you want, wrote Brown.

In addition to making sure your job application is properly targeted, Brown listed seven other ways to properly use the Internet during your job search:

  • Identify organizations where you have some interest in working;
  • Research organizations that have job openings for which you intend to apply;
  • Review job listings on an organization¹s web site;
  • Locate on-line job databases specializing in your field or industry;
  • Become informed about salary range norms and other benefits;
  • Learn of local networking events and headhunters’ offices; and,
  • Investigate cost of living and other needed community information, if considering relocation.