5 Things Nonprofit Hiring Managers Want To See

June 11, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

It’s the goal of every nonprofit job seeker to wow the hiring manager but accomplishing that is not as simple as having an impressive resume. You must also demonstrate to him that you have the skills and temperament to be a good employee. Below are five items that employers like to see in job candidates before they consider bringing them on board:

  • A stable work history: Employers are likely to shy away from candidates who have shown a tendency to change jobs every few years. If you fall into this category, you should include an explanation in your cover letter and show that you spent the time between jobs being productive (volunteering, etc).
  • Awards and honors: Listing any relevant awards on your resume is a good way of showing additional qualifications for the job. You should include these in the top third of your resume so they are easily spotted by the hiring manager.
  • Listening skills: Instead of spending too much time focusing on your answer to a question during an interview, take advantage of any opportunities that demonstrate that you were truly paying attention to what the hiring manager said.
  • An understanding of the organization: Show you have done your homework by referencing specific things that the nonprofit has done that caught your attention. Make sure these are bought up in the context of what interested you in working for the organization.
  • Follow-up: Never forget to send a thank-you e-mail after the interview. Neglecting to this or simply forgetting can cost you a chance at the job if the difference between you and the other candidates is not significant.