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Jobs > Career Tips > 4 Ways To Ace The First Impression

4 Ways To Ace The First Impression

October 11, 2013

Whether you are on a face-to-face interview or a Skype interview, it’s important to make a strong first impression on the employer. As if this wasn’t challenging enough here’s another thing to consider: It can take less than 30 seconds for the interviewer to form an opinion about you.

First impressions can be made based on a variety of factors and a lot of it depends on the hiring manager. One might be more concerned about your demeanor, while another might pay closer attention to the way you speak. There’s no good way to tell in advance what will be most important, so the best thing to do is to make sure every aspect of your presentation is great. Below are four of the most important things you can do to make an outstanding first impression:

  • Be on Time: This seems obvious but you might be surprised how easy it is to be late. Here’s a rule of thumb: If you think you have enough time to get the office, leave even earlier than that. This will allow you time to recover should unforeseen delays come your way. If you fear you are going to run late despite your best efforts, you should call the hiring manager to let him know the approximate time you are going to arrive.
  • Appearance: Whether you like it or not, the way you look can play a big role in whether you get the job. Beyond having the proper dress code, hiring managers will also scrutinize your hygiene so take all the proper precautions when getting ready.
  • Handshake: Handshakes can tell a lot about a person. Someone with a weak handshake comes across as having no confidence, while a firm — but not bonecrushing — handshake reflects strength and confidence. Remember to smile while shaking the hand of the hiring manager.
  • Posture: The more straight your posture is during the interview, the better your confidence will be. Slouching can also make you seem lazy or uninterested, something you want to avoid at all costs.


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