3 Video Interview Tips

July 19, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Every job seeker is aware of the two dominant forms of job interviews: The in-person and interview and the phone interview. While these two are the ones employers use most often, the video interview is beginning to gain traction, giving job hunters something else for which they need to prepare.

When an employer is planning to interview a candidate who lives out-of-state, the first option they will rely on is the telephone. While this will get the job done, it still lacks the personality of an in-person interview, and it can be expensive to fly the individual in for a meeting. That’s where programs such as Skype come into play. This technology allows the employer and the job seeker to see each other and communicate for free. Sounds pretty flawless, right?

Much like any new technology, there are some peculiarities that can make it difficult for first-time users. If you are a job seeker or a hiring manager and you are considering using a video chatting program for an interview, make sure you keep these three tips in mind:

  • Location, Location, Location: Videoconferencing programs allow you to make calls from any location but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of that ability. Make sure you chose an area where there are minimal distractions (especially noises) so that you have the highest quality call possible. The best possible location is your room or office, just clean-up beforehand so you make a good impression.
  • Set the Stage: Do everything in your power to make the video interview as professional as possible. For example, take a note of the natural light in the room and set up your webcam so that it is directed onto your face, rather than from behind you. This will reduce any shadows and glare.
  • Prepare for Technical Issues: Like any technology, video chatting can have some technical hiccups. The quality of the call depends on the quality of your internet connection. Even with the best of connections there can be some choppiness so speak slowly to account for this. If you’ve never conducted a video interview before, practice with a friend so that you can iron out any potential problems and so you are used to the format.