Grief Reach Program

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The New York Life Foundation (NYLF) and the National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC) are now accepting applications for its Grief Reach Program. Thirty-three grants totaling $1.2 million will be awarded to help bereavement organizations expand the reach of their programs to include underserved youth populations (18 years and younger). Starting with the program’s inception in 2011, 63 grants totaling $2.25 million have been awarded to organizations across the United States.

Available funds were increased from $1.2 million from $750,000 last year to support capacity building, a new category of grants that focus on organizational development and effectiveness.  This new category is in addition to last year’s community expansion grants category, which brings support services to youth not currently being served by existing bereavement programs.


New York Life Foundation and National Alliance for Grieving Children

Closing Date(s):

July 7, 2014

Roll Off Date:


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Eligible Organizations:

Eligible organizations must be a 501(c)(3) organization operating in the U.S. For community expansion grants, the application amount must not be greater than 10 percent of the organization’s most recent fiscal year Actuals; for capacity, building the amount cannot be greater than 25 percent.