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Emma Barnsley Foundation Grants

Emma Barnsley Foundation - March 7, 2013

The Emma Barnsley Foundation awards grants for educational purposes for the following purposes:

  • To aid and assist in the prevention of cruelty to animals, both domestic and wild;
  • To aid and assist in the care, protection and preservation of animals, both domestic and wild, and the environment in which such wild animals may live;
  • To provide scholarships for deserving young men and women to assist them in the study of veterinary medicine at any institution of higher learning in the State of Texas;
  • To assist institutions of higher learning in the State of Texas in the operation and maintenance of courses of study in veterinary medicine and in the study of animals and animal life;
  • To assist in research projects involving ecological, environmental and wildlife studies, provided no funds shall be given to any organization utilizing animals for research or experimental purposes if such animals are in any way harmed, mutilated, intentionally inflicted with disease or any substance causing disease or if such animals are killed in the course of such research.

Average grant sizes range from $10,000 to $20,000.

Eligible Organizations

Applicants must be recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. While organizations throughout the United States are eligible, preference will be given to nonprofits that operate in the Crane/Midland/Odessa, Tex., area or the Manhattan, N.Y., area.

Closing Dates

Aug. 31, 2013

More Information

More Grants From Emma Barnsley Foundation

    There are no more active grants from this agency.


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