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  • Planning Staff Retirements

    By The NonProfit Times — October 10, 2007

    Any organization wants to think of what its employees will do while they are on the job, but the fact is that all organizations, nonprofit as well as for-profit, must look ahead to the time when employees retire. With that in mind, retirement programs that will offer employees a nest egg when their working days have ended are essential both to attracting good employees and to retaining them once they are hired.
    With new tax laws being passed on a routine basis, there are always changes of which an organization must be aware, but there are several standard programs that help employees provide for retirement security.

  • 4 Tips For Considering New Technology

    By The NonProfit Times — October 9, 2007

    “I’m in finance, so why do I have to worry about technology, too? Technology, software, and even phone systems — what do these have to do with accounting?”

  • Make sure your database is secure

    By The NonProfit Times — October 8, 2007

    Database security becomes more complicated and more necessary each day.

  • Burning Calories To End Hunger

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2007

    Americans need more exercise. CARE needs more money to combat global poverty. An obvious match, right? OK, maybe not so obvious, but professional triathlete and author Eric Harr hopes to serve those two purposes with the “I Am Powerful Workout with Eric Harr.” It’s not exactly Hans and Franz, though.

  • Calendar

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2007


  • Web fundraising on a shoestring budget

    By The NonProfit Times — October 4, 2007

    A marketing or fundraising campaign can only get started with a big chunk of money to support it, right? Money doesn’t hurt, but at a recent national conference on nonprofit marketing, Dina Lewis, Allyson Kapin and Donna Wilkins offered suggestions on six ways to help a campaign, titled “Internet Marketing on a Shoestring Budget.”

  • Marketing…Tips for your making your PSAs sing

    By The NonProfit Times — October 3, 2007

    One way a nonprofit organization can get free, although haphazard, publicity is the good, old public service announcement, or PSA, that appears on radio or television. This announcement can be written by the organization and submitted to the nearest media outlet for public distribution.

  • Key Words For Donors To Find You On The Web

    By The NonProfit Times — October 3, 2007

    By Beth Kantor

  • New and Improved, NPT Jobs Is Ready To Work For You

    By The NonProfit Times — September 27, 2007

    There are many new and exciting things happening at NPT Jobs, the source for nonprofit employment services (job postings, job seekers, resume postings, email blasts, etc.). Effective immediately, you now have three ways to advertise your nonprofit job opening:

  • Virtual Land Rush – Nonprofits, Stake Your Claim

    By The NonProfit Times — September 27, 2007

    The International Conservation Association formerly known as World Wildlife Fund, now WWF, launched the new Conservation Island in the virtual space Second Life (SL) this past August. With its size and notoriety, WWf in Washington, D.C., has the resources to stand on its own in the SL Meta-verse. But what about smaller nonprofits with less money, branding and support?

    Offering an answer to the technological divide suffered by many in the third sector, nonprofit technology service provider TechSoup embarked on its own Second Life Venture – a nonprofits-only space called the Nonprofit Commons (NC).

    “Larger organizations…don’t need our help, because they have a huge staff and they’ve been in-world for a long time,” said Susan Tenby, online community manager at San Francisco-based TechSoup. “Our goal… is to create a lower barrier of entry… into Second Life, and to create a kind of community for nonprofits.” The NC, currently at capacity with 32 resident nonprofits, provides space free to qualifying organization.

    According to Tenby, known in SL as the avatar “Glitteractica Cookie,” the space provides a virtual venue for nonprofits to meet and collaborate, and foster outreach, education and fundraising. “This is more to help organizations get a foot in the door, figure out what they can do in Second Life, and have an already-existing community to step into and to get help.”

    Despite being situated on its own island, the American Cancer Society and other big-name nonprofits frequently partner with Techsoup, maintain satellite offices on the NC, and attend the weekly Friday meetings to discuss nonprofit-focused topics. Tenby said she wxpects the space to house 300 organizations within a couple of years.

    The NC has a management team of seven people, and requires residents to sign an agreement committing at least three hours each week to SL.

    “It’s not only a great way to increase awareness for your organization, but also to enlist volunteers,” said Tenby. “A lot of these (younger) people are so steeped in Myspace and social networking applications, that expecting them to read a newspaper to find a volunteer center, or even go (online) to volunteer match, those kind of days… they’re getting fewer and farther between.” – Marla E. Nobles


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