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  • Branding… Your image can take a hit from myths

    By The NonProfit Times — March 6, 2008

    By now, the term “branding” is ingrained into the consciousness of everyone in the nonprofit/philanthropic sector. Despite this widespread awareness, there is a lack of understanding about just what a brand is and what it does.

  • New NonProfit Times Editorial – Don’t Tell The Donor and many more!

    By The NonProfit Times — March 5, 2008

    NPTimes has a new editorial section! Visit us every two weeks to check out our latest web-only content including articles from Don’t Tell The Donor and many others. Click Here to go to NPT’s Web Exclusives. Below is a taste of the latest article from Don’t Tell The Donor featured on our site.

  • Nonprofit IT Staffing

    By The NonProfit Times — March 4, 2008

    Staffing information technology positions at nonprofits is not easy and it can be very expensive. The NonProfit Times and NTEN, the nonprofit technology network, teamed up to find out the state of the nonprofit IT sector from more than 1,000 organizations. Small organizations continue to struggle. The average tenure of an IT profession is slightly more than four years. Read the report at:

  • *&%$#@* Your Email Got Trashed

    By The NonProfit Times — February 29, 2008

    With a little imagination and a bit of a potty mouth, it shouldn’t be too hard to think of what the “Seven Dirty Words” might be in George Carlin’s infamous 197s stand-up comedy routine.

  • Web tools that can make your life easier

    By The NonProfit Times — February 28, 2008

    Although getting the maximum use out of online tools can be complicated at first, even daunting to smaller organizations, there are avenues that can be helpful.

  • Online…Who’s bidding at your auctions?

    By The NonProfit Times — February 28, 2008

    Who takes part in online auctions? According to a bidder study by Cambridge, Mass.-based cMarket 2006, the following can be said about the people competing for items at online auctons:

    • 71 percent of online auction bidders are female.
    • 92 percent go to the Internet once a day or more.
    • They spend 49 minutes each time they log on.
    • 79 percent typically access the Internet from home for personal use.
    • They visit online auctions about four or five times a year.
    • They spend an average of 17 minutes each time they visit an online auction.
      51 percent prefer to support their favorite nonprofit/charitable cause through online auctions.
    • The top reasons for participating in online charitable auctions include lending support, purchasing products and services, and ease of use.
    • 95 percent agree somewhat or completely with the statement: Online charitable auctions provide a unique way to purchase items of interest while giving to a worthy cause.
    • Two-thirds indicate, “charity for which the auction is being given is a cause I believe in” as the most important reason they participate in the first place.
    • The three categories bid on most recently by those who visited an auction are travel (16 percent), food/dining (12 percent) and home items (9 percent).
    • Of the 34 percent who would be interested in a “pay over time” option, virtually all would be at least somewhat likely to use it.
    • 50 percent would be willing to bid at least 20 percent more on an item if a pay over time option existed.

  • Finance… Mission-related investing

    By The NonProfit Times — February 21, 2008

    Some foundations are exploring the concept of mission-related investing, sometimes known as socially responsible investing.The Minnesota Council on Foundations, through its Partnership on Corporate Responsibility, suggests that mission-related investing could include:

  • Management… Being entrepreneurial and nonprofit at the same time

    By The NonProfit Times — February 12, 2008

    Many nonprofit organizations have benefited from adopting an entrepreneurial approach to their mission. Such an approach can utilize new ideas as a way of bringing in fresh air and increasing funding.

  • 10 mistakes to avoid with email newsletters

    By The NonProfit Times — February 7, 2008

    Newsletters have become the primary tool for nonprofits to keep donors informed about how their contributions are being spent and why the checks should keep coming.

  • Gates Foundation CEO Patty Stonesifer Stepping Down

    By The NonProfit Times — February 7, 2008

    Patty Stonesifer, Chief Executive Officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, today announced that she will be transitioning from her role as CEO by January 1, 2009. Stonesifer has led the work of the foundation since its inception in 1997.


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