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$5 Million Stolen In Bitcoin Exchange Hack

January 7, 2015       Zach Halper       [post_view]       0

Hackers have stolen what amounts to $5.2 million after an attack on Bitstamp, the largest exchange for bitcoins in Europe.

United Way To Accept Bitcoin Digital Donations

September 15, 2014       Zach Halper       [post_view]       0

United Way Worldwide (UWW) is joining the digital currency world, announcing that it would begin accepting bitcoin donations. It is the latest 501(c)(3) to adopt the digital currency.

Foundation Based On Bitcoin Wins Nonprofit Status

August 27, 2014       Zach Halper       [post_view]       0

A foundation in Sacramento, Calif., is claiming that it is the first bitcoin-based charity to be granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Live From AICPA: NPO Auditing, Accounting Of Cryptocurrency

June 21, 2018       Andy Segedin       [post_view]       0

National Harbor, Md. — Your thoughts on blockchain technology might vary based on the front page of your daily paper. Some of the most recent applications of blockchain include a mobile-payment initiative by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for areas in the world with limited access to traditional financial intermediaries; elections for overseas military as recently tested by officials in West Virginia; and, charitable donations of cryptocurrency — one of the most common implementations.

Confusion: Donations That Are Currency But Not Dollars

May 15, 2018       The NonProfit Times       [post_view]       0

What’s this blockchain and bitcoin stuff you keep hearing about? Bitcoin is not the same as blockchain but it is an application that uses blockchain technology in much the same way that email is an application that’s used on the Internet.

Cryptocurrency Converts To $29 Million For

March 28, 2018       Mark Hrywna       [post_view]       0

As founder and CEO of, Charles Best rarely finds himself pitching donors. But in January he shot off an email to executives at Ripple, a fast-growing cryptocurrency.

Fidelity DAFs Pumped $4.5 Billion Into Nonprofits

February 14, 2018       Mark Hrywna       [post_view]       0

Contributions to Fidelity Charitable, the nation’s largest commercial donor-advised fund (DAF), jumped almost 30 percent last year, including a tenfold increase in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and noncash donations of almost $1 billion.

Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab Passed Along $5.7 Billion

February 3, 2017       Mark Hrywna       [post_view]       0

As giving to donor-advised funds (DAF) continues to grow so does grant-making by the charitable giving vehicles.

DAFs Pass Along $5.1 Billion

January 28, 2016       Mark Hrywna       [post_view]       0

Three of the largest donor-advised funds (DAFs) in the nation reported record grant distributions during 2015, totaling more than $5.1 billion.

Live From SXSW: Digital Currency, Banking the Unbanked

March 16, 2015       Amy Sample Ward       [post_view]       0

For many people around the world, digital literacy is more than gaining access to online content but truly having access to independence through education and banking. At SXSW, Sophie Kelly, CEO of The Barbarian Group, facilitated a discussion about the benefits and challenges of digital currency with Roya Mahboob, co-founder of Digital Citizen Fund, and Joyce Kim, executive director of Stellar.