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Social Donors Are Less Committed To Cause

December 5, 2018       Paul Clolery       105       0

Social donors are generally not deeply committed to nonprofits yet those networks are critical to organizations being successful at events and peer-to-peer donation asks. The “social donors” also tend to write checks.

NPOs, Businesses Examining Responsible Supply Chain

November 9, 2018       Paul Clolery       105       0

The key to supply chain sustainability is a clean, functioning and responsibly financed process through which the labor force is treated humanely in the workplace. The challenge is what happens when the work is for a major international brand but done at home where conditions are not monitored.

Nonprofit Tech Remains Poorly Resourced

November 6, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Technology no longer feels out of place at nonprofits but it remains poorly resourced despite staff being eager to increase digital skills, according to a new research paper out today.

Paya Buys Stewardship Technology

November 2, 2018       Mark Hrywna       105       0

Paya, formerly Sage Payment Solutions, yesterday announced the acquisition of Stewardship Technology. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Committee Aims To Guide AI In Fundraising

November 2, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

A committee of fundraising professionals aims to tackle the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on nonprofits, guiding best practices and ethics while accelerating the impact on advancement.

Blackbaud Q3 Earnings Boost Stock Price

October 30, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Blackbaud announced third-quarter financial results yesterday, reaffirming estimates for 2018 that were revised earlier this month.

Oracle NetSuite Expands Pro Bono Tech Help

October 26, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Oracle NetSuite announced it is expanding its NetSuite Social Impact program, including product donation, pro bono expansion and online community building. The initiative is to help nonprofits move more financial operations to the cloud and away from on-premises software and storage.

Nonprofit Affinity Credit Cards Still Bring Engagement, Cash

October 16, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Affinity credit cards still work for breast cancer charity Susan G. Koman despite some of the negative buzz about them, according to Christina Alford, senior vice president. SGK’s card is part of a broader relationship with Bank of America. It has brought in $8 million since its launch in 2009 and has included ancillary benefits such as indirect marketing and donor engagement.

Blackbaud Stock, Revenue Projections Drop

October 10, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Revenue estimates for the year at Blackbaud will miss by as much as $36 million causing the stock, already under pressure, to drop yesterday to a 52-week low.

Blackbaud Releases Student Experience Cloud Product

October 9, 2018       Paul Clolery       105       0

You can never get a donor started too soon. That’s the intention of an implementation of a Blackbaud product targeted to get higher ed students giving and fundraising while still on campus.