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CEO Turnover At UWs Hits More Than 100

April 1, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

More than 100 affiliates of United Way have new chief executive officers (CEO) in place since the start of 2018. Considering that there are more than 1,100 affiliates in the United States, that might not sound like a lot but more than one-third of the departures are the result of retirements that have already taken effect or have been announced.

Few Racial Equity Grantors Have Diverse Boards

March 5, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Foundations with few or no staff say racial equity is very relevant to their mission and are making grants that reflect close connections to communities and causes but the same can’t be said of board composition and staff.

Performance Anxiety: Making Evaluations Comfortable

February 28, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Performance evaluations for employees can be a pretty uncomfortable task, especially if the evaluation is unfavorable. A lot of managers would rather avoid them altogether but that’s not an option. Luckily, there are ways to make these meetings less tense for both sides.

Atlas Corps Seeks Social Change Organization Hosts

February 28, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Atlas Corps had 10,000 people apply last year to be one of 100 of the world’s best social change leaders brought to the U.S. to serve at Host Organizations for 12-18 months. Over 13-years, the organization has placed 700 leaders from 94 countries at nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

How To Attract Mission-Motivated Millenials

February 28, 2019       Melanie Herman       105       0

The December 2018 / January 2019 issue of Fast Company had a story with an eye-catching title – “Millennials in the Corner Office, Gen Y Bosses Tell Us How They Lead.”

6 OSHA Guidelines You Need To Know

February 14, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Many nonprofit managers might find their work to be hazardous all the time, but in fact some nonprofits do handle hazardous materials.

5 Tips For Better Diversity In Fundraising

January 22, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Diversity has become a prime area of improvement for organizations in recent years. From seeking diversity in the workplace to volunteers to supporters, leaders are seeing the value in having every facet of organizations share the increasing diversity represented in the communities that they serve.

Succession Planning Is Part Of Professional Development

January 16, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

The Baby Boomer generation (born between approximately 1946 and 1964) is retiring in rapidly increasing numbers. These retirements are creating dramatic gaps in leadership and instability in the executive ranks of nonprofit organizations.

Human Resources: Are You Cultured?

January 14, 2019       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Culture can mean any of a number of concepts – from understanding opera to how you relate to others in a workplace environment. Office culture can impact productivity and performance or it can be a motivational tool.

Survey: HR, CEOs Have Different Future Views

December 19, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

About two-thirds of human resource executives agree that the discipline is undergoing or has undergone a digital transformation but only 40 percent say they have a plan to apply it into their business.

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