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Charity Brands Awareness Diverges At $100K

February 7, 2019       NPT Staff       105       0

Brand awareness for nonprofits varies among households earning either more or less than $100,000, with only six charities among the top 10 matching across both demographics and four of the top 10 being in healthcare.

$50 Million Gift To St. Jude Part Of $350 Million In Giving

December 4, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

AbbVie, a biopharmaceutical company that was spun off from Abbott Laboratories five years ago, yesterday announced another eight-figure donation as it comes closer to its goal of donating $350 million to charities this year.

AIDS-Related Philanthropy Down 5 Percent Last Year

December 3, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Private philanthropic support for the AIDS epidemic decreased by 5 percent, or $37 million, in 2017 – the lowest level in three years, according to a new report.

HHS, ACA Applicants’ Data Hacked

November 12, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

In what is known in the news business as the “Friday afternoon dump,” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced last Friday without fanfare that had been hacked and personal records accessed.

Maine Healthcare System Consolidates Into $3 Billion Nonprofit

October 29, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

The national trend of hospital systems merging or consolidating continues. The hospital and service members that make up MaineHealth in Portland, Maine, will be one nonprofit system beginning January 1. It will become a single nonprofit entity.

Nonprofit Healthcare Netted 13.2% On Investments

September 14, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Nonprofit healthcare organizations reported an average return of 13.2 percent net-of-fees on investable assets during 2017 compared to 6.2 percent on average for 2016.

CEO Salaries At Nonprofit Hospitals Jumped 93%

August 31, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

It’s a great time to be chief executive at a nonprofit hospital. Their salaries are up 93 percent. That according to a study in Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research.

Red Cross Plans Michigan Layoffs

August 31, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

The American Red Cross (ARC) announced a plan to cutback operations in its Great Lakes blood region and might terminate an estimated 230 employees, according to multiple news outlets in the Detroit area. Mobile blood drives would no longer be held in Lansing, Muskegon, Petosky, Flint, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

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