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Don’t Pay Consultants A Percentage

December 10, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Inexperienced administrators are apt to think they can simply reach out to a grants consultant, have the consultant write-up a proposal, then pay the consultant with a percentage of the funding brought in by that work. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Pass-Through Becomes Passé

December 6, 2018       Richard H. Levey       105       0

“We are no longer cutting a check and asking organizations to send us a report,” said Timothy Johnson, vice president, community impact at United Way of the National Capital Area, which serves the Washington, D.C. region.

Charities Brace For GM Plant Closings

November 30, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

The plan by General Motors (GM) to close up to five plants and lay off more than 14,000 workers in North America likely will have a significant impact on local charities in the affected regions.

The Right Grant for the Right Reason

November 27, 2018       Barbara Floersch       105       0

When your nonprofit is in dire need of general operating funds, a program-specific grant won’t ease the pain. “Just because you need money doesn’t mean you need a grant,” said Barbara Floersch, chief of training and curriculum for The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “And just because you need a grant, doesn’t mean you need any grant you can lay your hands on.”

Grants: Is it Time For A Competitiveness Check Up?

November 15, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

If your organization’s grant proposals seldom result in funding, it’s time for a check-up. Not every proposal will win an award because here are too many variables. But if you’re doing the work correctly, it’s reasonable to expect a good deal of success.

DAFs Continue Torrid Pace

November 14, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Contributions to donor-advised funds (DAF) reached another all-time high in 2017 and charitable assets in DAFs eclipsed $100 billion for the first time ever, according to a new report.

Use The Strategic Plan To Prioritize Grant Development

November 6, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Most organizations have a long list of projects that are reasonable candidates for grant funding. But with limited time available, it’s easy for grant professionals to get lost in a prickly thicket of competing demands.

Corporate Giving Up On Disaster Relief

October 31, 2018       Mark Hrywna       105       0

Corporate giving increased more than 15 percent during the past three years to a record $23.8 billion, driven last year by disaster giving, according to a recent study.

Ground Your Proposals in Hope

October 23, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Grant proposals often request funds to work on some of society’s toughest issues — poverty, hunger, homelessness, violence, pollution. When documenting the harm and hardship inflicted on their communities and proving the urgency of the need, grant professionals submerge themselves in a sea of depressing data that can be overwhelming.

How to Tackle the Grant Budget

October 16, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

The budget is a make-it-or-break-it component of a grant proposal and while a solid budget won’t win a grant award, sloppiness and inaccuracy in this arena will certainly lose it. “Some people love building budgets, and others find the work intimidating,” said Barbara Floersch, chief of training and curriculum for The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “But love it or hate it, if you’re charged with bringing in grant dollars you’ve got to do it well to develop winning proposals.” When it comes to budgets, here are six golden rules: