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Mid-Level Donors Respond To Access

December 18, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Perception of what makes a mid-level donor varies by organization. In the case of WWF, a Partner in Conservation comes in at between $1,000 and $9,999 of its roughly 1 million members in the U.S. and 5 million globally.

Donation Record Hit After California Fires

December 17, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

The North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) has a staff of nine and typically raises about $5 million each year. The staff raised $8 million in 2017. But, during the month of November alone, the Chico, Calif.-based foundation received contributions in excess of $10 million as donors responded to the Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.

ECFA Members See Increased Fundraising Results

December 12, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Members of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) enjoyed their best year of charitable giving since 2014, with an increase of almost 6 percent during the period 2016-2017.

Bloomberg’s $1.8 Billion Gift-Quake Donation Dwarfed Most Nonprofits’ Capital Campaigns

December 8, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

It didn’t seem that long ago that fundraisers gasped at the first-ever billion- dollar capital campaign. It was kind of a big deal when in 2012 Stanford University became the first school to raise $1 billion in one year.

Car Karaoke Offers Chance At Donations, Exposure

December 7, 2018       Paul Clolery       105       0

Just about everyone has had the sometimes embarrassing moment when stopped at a traffic light you break into effusive harmony with a song on the radio and then notice people staring at you from other vehicles.

Major Donors Led Third Quarter Surge in Giving

November 27, 2018       The NonProfit Times       105       0

Charitable giving increased dramatically during the third quarter of 2018, making up all of the year-over-year declines after a sluggish first half of the year.

Survey: Tax Incentives Most Likely To Influence Giving By Gen X, Men

November 21, 2018       NPT Staff       105       0

Generation X and men are most likely to be swayed by tax breaks when it comes to charitable giving. Overall, less than 10 percent of those surveyed said that a tax write-off is the primary reason they donated to charity.

Cincinnati Eclipses $50 Million But Falls Short

November 20, 2018       Mark Hrywna       105       0

United Way of Greater Cincinnati (UWGC) raised a projected $50.315 million at the conclusion of its 2018 campaign on Nov. 14. The total is less than the $52 million UWGC had projected just a few weeks ago when it warned its 140 partner agencies about a potential shortfall. The 2018 total is about $6.2 million, almost 11 percent, less than the $56.5 million raised in 2017.

Facebook Fundraising Tools Top $1 Billion

November 14, 2018       Mark Hrywna       105       0

Facebook’s charitable giving tools have topped $1 billion from 20 million people since being introduced on the platform three years ago.

Survey: Online Donors Will Hover Near $100

November 6, 2018       Mark Hrywna       105       0

Almost two-thirds of donors (65 percent) who expect to give on #GivingTuesday or between now and the end of the year plan to give less than $100, according to the first part of a survey aimed at examining giving behavior this year.