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2014 Salary And Benefits Reports


Four Salary & Benefits Survey Reports That Will Make Your Nonprofit Organization Prosper
There are so many factors out there that the nonprofit sector must address on a daily basis. Why make the back office operations that deal with the salary and benefits one of those things? The NonProfit Times, the leading go to source for comprehensive information on what it takes to make your nonprofit reach its goals, has compiled four amazing reports that will give you the answers to all the questions you have regarding your nonprofit organization and to make it the preferred choice of high caliber employees and generous sponsors.

Don’t Have A Disaster When Your Nonprofit files its IRS 990 form!
Every year nonprofits must file a 990 form. The ones that end up coming under scrutiny often do so because they are not within the industry standards for the salaries and benefits they offer their employees – at all levels. You’ve worked hard to make a difference. The NonProfit Times knows that and that is why we have created these four detailed, precise, and easy to follow reports. Each report was created through extensive surveying that focused on the following four subjects:

All of the information contained in the four reports is compliant with and can be used in conjunction with the IRS 990 reporting criteria that all nonprofit organizations must do. Make sure you are protecting your organization with the most highly acclaimed resource you can buy– the expert reports from The NonProfit Times.

2014 Nonprofit Organizations Salary and Benefits Report
The information in this report will give you the non-profit salary range for nearly 236 positions in the nonprofit sector. This is the information that helps ensure that you are competitive and offering your employees fair and lucrative not for profit salaries for their respective roles.

2014 Nonprofit Organizations Salary Report
This report has comprehensive, detailed information on the nonprofit salary guidelines. Those are the guidelines that help determine base salary, bonus practices, cash compensation, and pay raises. You will not find a better source to answer all of your questions regarding nonprofit salaries.

2014 Nonprofit Organizations Top Executive Positions Salary and Special Perks Report
Nonprofit executive compensation is so important to understand thoroughly. In order to attract the best people to be a part of a nonprofit organization, a very competitive environment, you need to make sure that you offer appealing compensation packages for hiring individuals who you wish to play an important role in your organization.

2014 Nonprofit Organizations Benefits Report
The nonprofit employee benefit packages that a nonprofit organization offers need to be competitive and within reason. This report will walk nonprofits through all of the important details and information that they need to make sure that employee benefit packages are in line with other similar nonprofits. That will also help increase nonprofit organizations chances of keeping their existing employees.

Don’t hesitate today. If you need access to valuable information on all the aspects of non-profit salaries and compensation these reports are a must have for your nonprofit. What makes these reports even more valuable are that you know they come from highly acclaimed The NonProfit Times – whose sole mission is to help nonprofit organizations prosper.


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