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Federal Court Rules Against Citizens United

Federal Court Rules Against Citizens United By Mark Hrywna

A federal judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction against the New York Attorney General Office’s policy that requires nonprofits to provide charity regulators with information on major donors. U.S. District Court Judge Sidney Stein of the Southern District of New York said in a 27-p…   Read More »

Boys Scouts Allows Gay Leaders, Exempts Religious Councils

Boys Scouts Allows Gay Leaders, Exempts Religious Councils By Mark Hrywna

Barely two years after voting to allow openly gay youth members, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) removed a national restriction on openly gay adult leaders and employees. The National Executive Board ratified a resolution on Monday, with some 79 percent of its 71 members who were present and voting, in …   Read More »

Fallout Continues For Planned Parenthood After Undercover Videos

Fallout Continues For Planned Parenthood After Undercover Videos By Mark Hrywna

A number of charities and corporations are clarifying their relationship with Planned Parenthood after recent undercover videos appear to show officials discussing the price of fetal tissue from abortions. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) last week released videos in which Planned Parenthood…   Read More »

CFC Changes Pushed Off A Year

CFC Changes Pushed Off A Year By Mark Hrywna

New regulations for the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) originally scheduled to take effect in January will be pushed back a year. “The modernization of the CFC is reliant on an aggressive timeline for development of the tools needed to implement reform, including streamlined campaign administr…   Read More »

Salaries Flat, Fundraisers Worry About Retirement

Salaries Flat, Fundraisers Worry About Retirement By Paul Clolery

Fundraisers’ salaries in the United States were flat in 2014 and half of respondents to a survey were concerned about their ability to retire when they’d like and to fund it. According to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) 2015 Compensation and Benefits Study, the average s…   Read More »

NY AG Wants $9.7 Million From Leukemia Organization

NY AG Wants $9.7 Million From Leukemia Organization By Mark Hrywna

The New York Attorney General’s Office is aiming to shut down a charity it claims was nothing more than a one-man operation run out of the basement of his home in a residential section of Brooklyn, N.Y., that raised almost $10 million during the past several years. Attorney General Eric Schneid…   Read More »

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Ultra High Net Worth-Backed Foundations Distributed 8 Percent of Assets Last Year

By Mark Hrywna — July 29, 2015

Private foundations established by ultra high net worth individuals (UHNW) distributed some 8 percent of their total $560 billion in total assets last year, or about $45 billion worldwide.

Biggest, Best, Unique And Bold

By The NonProfit Times — July 28, 2015

Everybody wants to be the next big thing and have the campaign everyone’s talking about. Here are five nonprofit campaigns from around the world that really took off.

A Nonprofit’s Cyber Liability And Data Privacy

By The NonProfit Times — July 27, 2015

Managers at nonprofits across the U.S. collect and store — in filing cabinets, networked servers and in rented “cloud” space — vast amounts of personal information. If you believe that the work of foreign hackers represents the greatest threat to the confidential information your nonprofit collects, you might be overlooking threats that are far closer to home.

Advocacy Groups Team Up To Get Out The Vote

By Mark Hrywna — July 23, 2015

Nonprofit votes count – that’s the message some nonprofits aim to get out this fall ahead of local and state elections around the country as a warm-up to the 2016 presidential election.

“Hacking” Can Be A Good Thing

By The NonProfit Times — July 21, 2015

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) needed another set of eyes on a problem. They got more than a dozen at the South by Southwest Eco Conference (SxSW Eco) held in October 2014.

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